Monday, 30 January 2017

Let Ayyan go, SC orders Interior Ministry

Ayyan can fly

Struggling between the columns of ECL, the alleged money launderer of $500,000 or more, Dollar Girl Ayyan Ali has been swaying from Adiala Jail to court rooms and around airports trying hard to get her name off the ECL. Her 'struggle' bore fruit and she can finally leave the country after a three-member Supreme Court bench lead by Chief Justice Mian Saqib Nisar discarded the interior ministry's plea to keep the model's name on ECL and upheld the decision of SHC to remove her name from the same.

The Sindh High Court verdict

As of 19th January, the SHC ordered the authorities to remove Ayyan's name from ECL which was later suspended on the request of federal government for 10 days who wanted to challenge the court's verdict in Supreme Court.

Judge Phulpoto was appointed as a referee judge to decide the fate of Ayyan's petition after one of the judges approved of the model's plea while the others rejected it.

CJP Nisar maintained that it seemed that the government was trying to keep the model in the country by any means whatsoever. "The referee judge gave the right verdict in the case," he said. And 'regretted' that a long time had passed since the First Information Report was registered but the investigation in the case wasn't completed.

Money Laundering

Ayyan Ali was arrested on 14th of March, 2015, on the charges of money laundering after custom officials recovered an amount of $506,000 from her luggage at Islamabad's Benazir Bhutto International Airport before she could board for Dubai.

Nomination in Murder Case

A custom officer Ejaz Mehmood, who was investigating the money laundering case of the model, was shot dead in 2015. The Dollar Girl was nominated for the same.

The Political Twist

The airport entry pass of a personal assistant to a 'former president' was cancelled for trying to facilitate Ayyan's attempt of money laundering.

Expectations from Panama

With the supermodel's case being wrapped up by the Supreme Court, there's another case running in another court room headed by a five-member bench that is - The Panama Leaks Case or the biggest case in the history of Pakistan. And with the Sharif family accepting the ownership of the famous London flats, the burden of proof lies on the defendants to show that the property was bought by legal means and the 3-times Prime Minister of Pakistan didn't use the public office for the purchase of the same in any way whatsoever.

In such a case, there are three possible verdicts that can come out: 1- Proven guilty. 2- Proven innocent. 3- Not enough evidence to prove the guilt.
The Panama case would prove out to be a positive step towards the betterment of the country. BUT, in the longer run. Not in the near future. The Chairman Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf along with millions of people have attached too high expectations with the court hearing the case.

Price for injustice

Benazir Bhutto once said "There are two sets of justices: One for the Prime Minister of Larkana. Another for the Prime Minister of Lahore."
History begs to prove the same that we've always seen the Bhuttos being hanged and punished by the honourable courts and they've never ever dared to give a verdict against the Sharifs.

Indeed, this case will determine the course of our country for the future but not just yet for EVERY MAN has a price, doesn't he?

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